Ceramics from Germany

High-quality ceramics from the Westerwald. With quality seal.

The traditional family-owned company has been producing high-quality clay pots for generations. Large purchasers from around the world trust in consistently high quality made in Germany.
Long-term partnerships with suppliers and strong employee loyalty bear witness of a healthy corporate culture. Sustainability has a high status for the company
and is a fixed part of its actions.

Highest quality ceramics from Germany - pottery from Hörter.

We have been producing high-quality clay pots since 1919. Learning from the past to redesign the future.

Clay pots from Hörter - quality ceramics from Germany


Tradition. Perfection.
And, most of all: Experience.

The high demands of large purchasers are perfectly met by continuous improvement of the production systems, production processes and with the commitment of all employees. The experience and heart's blood of generations is put into every single pot.


Progress. Further development.
Success with innovations.

Kontrolliertes Energiemanagement mit Zertifikat.
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Team Hörter mit Auszeichnung für hochwertige Keramik aus Deutschland.
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