The most important milestones.
The path to success.

  • 1919
    The story of success begins  
    Tonpfeife bei Hörter Tonwarenfabrik in 1919

    1919 - Founding of MHB

    The company MHB– Martin Hörter Baumbach is founded; production of clay pipes and clay pots at the Baumbach site

  • 1950
    Red planting bowls are the trend of this period  
    Rote Pflanzschale der Firma Hörter Tonwarenfabrik

    1950 - Red planting bowls

    The focus is on the production of planting bowls made of red clay. One bowl per year is newly developed in the […]

  • 1982
    A new era commences  
    Logo Hörter Tonwarenfabrik GmbH

    1982 - Founding

    Hörter Tonwarenfabrik GmbH is founded by Berthold Hörter

  • 1984
    New production site  
    Büro und Lager der Hörter Tonwarenfabrik in

    1984 - Expansion and relocation

    Expansion and relocation to the new production site with administration, production and warehouse in Ransbach-Baumbach; the most important product are white planting […]

  • 1986
    Commissioning of the first powder-coating plant  
    powder-coating plant Hörter Tonwarenfabrik Ransbach-Baumbach

    1986 - Powder coating

    Investment into the first powder-coating plant is the breakthrough for powder coating; a second plant follows in 1988

  • 1991
    Investments in 3 new kilns take place in the period until 1998  
    Hörter Tonwarenfabrik production fast-firing kilns

    1991 - Fast-firing kilns

    Further development in production and capacity increase by the change from tunnel kilns to fast-firing kilns

  • 1996
    The company premises are expanded  
    Expanding of the company building

    1996 - Further expansion

    The company continues to expand and develop its premises; a second floor is added to the office building

  • 1999
    The first industrial robot is taken into operation  
    Erster Industrieroboter bei Hörter Tonwarenfabrik GmbH

    1999 - Robot technology

    The first computer-controlled industrial robot for filling kiln perforated plates takes up operation

  • 2000
    First international container delivery  
    International delivery of clay pots

    2000 - International

    Early in the year, the first container load of Hörter Tonwarenfabrik GmbH is delivered international customers in America

  • 2012
    Investment in production  

    2012 - Capacity increase

    Investment in another fast-firing kiln expands the capacity in production

  • 2019
    Increase of the degree of automation  
    The state-of-the-art computer-controlled industrial robots are working in the Hörter Tonwarenfabrik GmbH

    2019 - Automation

    In summer 2019, all kilns will be equipped by robots only; this further increases the degree of automation.